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Games Supported

GamerLink LFG supports over 200 titles across all major platforms!

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GamerLink is a top rated gaming app with a 4.6/5 star rating!

Excellent Support

We are a small squad, yet responsive to your feedback!

Amazing Features

Looking For Group

LFG posts are created by selecting a game, platform and multiple game related preferences. LFG on GamerLink offers a robust and refined gaming experience, for every game.

Gamer Profile

Create your own personalized profile to consolidate your online gaming identity. With complete customization from color, avatar, wallpaper, bio, games, platform IDs, and social links.

Home Feed

A display of customized content from everyone who plays a particular game. Your homepage stays relevant to your interests with content, LFG posts, Clans recruiting, and gamers looking to Trade.


Create a home for your gaming group with support for multiple chat room channels for all of your gaming conversations. Clans are fully customizable and clan leaders also have a recruitment feature.

GamerLink At A Glance

GamerLink is the Ultimate Battlefield LFG App

It gives the power back to the players by allowing you to take matchmaking into your own hands. Whether it’s competitive pitched battle in Domination, or an all out war in Conquest, GamerLink can help you find the perfect squad for Battlefield. GamerLink is all about connecting gamers on more than just skill alone, find the players whose play styles and communication styles match your own!

With over 200 titles across every major platform it doesn’t matter what game you’re playing, you’ll always have access to a community of players looking to squad up and game. GamerLink Looking for Group (LFG) is all about creating positive online connections and building lasting relationships with teammates and friends alike!

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This free app on PC, Android and iOS revolutionizes Looking for Group with our advanced Beacon Search and Beacon Alert systems. This is Battlefield LFG made easy!

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