LFG stands for Looking For Group. You can create or join and LFG on GamerLink to find like-minded gamers.

GamerLink is a free platform for gamers to connect with their friends and gaming communities. Looking For Group (LFG) helps you find players and teams for PS4, Xbox, PC and more. Connect with gamers on iOS, Android and Web.

Your GamerLink ID (GL ID) is your username and unique number (Username#0000). This is how you are identified within the app. This is displayed on your profile.

We support over 200+ games on a wide range of platforms. We are constantly adding games as the community grows! Be sure to suggest to us the game you’re looking for. As more users begin requesting the same game, we will add support so you can start connecting with each other!

If a post violates any of The GamerLink Rules (https://gamerlinkapp.com/rules), we urge you to report it so it can be reviewed. On the post, there is a ‘Report’ button in the menu. Tap on the report button, choose a report reason and enter details as to why you are reporting it. Thanks for making the community a better place!

Generally, you are prompted to add your Game/Platform ID when you join any LFG post. Alternatively, you can manage your Game/Platform ID’s from your Profile settings.

For every LFG you Create or Join you will be able to access the chat lobby from the Messages/Chat Screen. Once in an LFG chat room, you can access the LFG Post to read any details about the posting.

You can change your password by tapping on your profile, then tapping on ‘View Profile’, then ‘Settings’, then to ‘Account Settings’ and then ‘Edit Password’.

Friend requests will appear as a notification and on the Friends screen.

In order to add someone as a friend, you can search for their profile using the search button, then tapping on their profile, and then the “Add Friend” button.

We appreciate and highly encourage users to provide feedback so we can continue to create the best experience for everyone.

Mobile: Tap on your profile tab and select “Help & Feedback”. Tap on “Create Ticket” and fill out the form. You may also upload screenshots to help us better assist you. Once your ticket is reviewed, our support team will contact you through the app should we have any further questions.

Web: Please email us at [email protected]

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